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Theatre Games to Play With Your Family!

Here are a few games you can play with your family that aren't on a screen. :)

You can play them anywhere, and you only need one more person to play.


Game 1: Magic Object

Find an object in your home, any object will do, and use your imagination to turn it into as many things as possible.

You can play with as many people as you want. Just take turns.

OR play on your own and see how many things you can think of.

First person to get "stuck" or repeat an object, loses.


You can't use words. Only actions.

You CAN use sound effects

If you get stuck, remember, the object can be ANYTHING!! Look around your house for ideas.

So I kind of broke my first rule with this game!

We do say, "This isn't a ___________." And we used words to guess.

Just make sure you don't use words when you're acting out the object.

Game 2: One Word Story

Find a partner or more people, and tell a story taking turns saying one word at a time.

This isn't a win or loose game. You just want to get to the end of the story together and have it make the most sense possible.


Listen! You can't tell a story together if you don't pay attention to what has already happened.

Follow the main character (also known as a protagonist)

Try and follow a story arch as much as possible. It'll be hard!

Game 3: 1-2-3

Find a partner and count to three taking turns with each number. When you get to three, start back at one.


It seems simple, but it requires focus!!

Make eye-contact with your partner.

Have fun with your sounds and movements. If they make your partner laugh, they have to focus harder to complete the game with you.

Send in your videos!

If you try any of these games or other arts activities, we would love to see what you do. Send a video or picture to your teachers so they can share with us!

If it's okay with your parents, we'll post it in La Galería!

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