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Bocón is dedicated to empowering artists of all ages to create collaborative works of art that voice social perspectives on community stages.

We value the voice of our community. We value the diverse heritages we come from as assets that create a richer life experience, and the voices and stories that stem from that. We believe that our audiences deserve professional artists that reflect our community’s cultural backgrounds. We believe that everyone deserves an arts education.


A message from our Artistic Director:


Bocón was founded on the idea that marginalized voices deserve a platform to be elevated and heard. 

I want to recognize the systemic oppression of Black people is not new to our country. I want to acknowledge the pain and trauma that we are experiencing as a country. I want to declare Black Lives Matter.


Bocón and every person who is a part of this organization stands with our Black students, artists, board, and community members to dismantle white supremacy.


It is not enough to just make a statement and move on with business as usual. We need to constantly ask ourselves: whose voice is represented on our stage, in our classrooms, in our leadership and are we listening to those voices that are often ignored? 


We are committed to producing work that reflects disenfranchised voices. 

We are committed to supporting and hiring BIPOC artists. 

We are committed to having a leadership team that reflects our pluralistic community. 

And we are committed to continuing to ask ourselves the difficult questions, so that we may constantly be working to dismantle white supremacy and the oppression of all Black people.


“I don’t know what it’s going to take to make the world right. I do know that you should not be sitting waiting for it to happen.” JoAnne Bland was 11 years old when she marched in Selma, Alabama on Bloody Sunday, and she’s still fighting to end systemic racism to this day. Let us follow her example.

This should come as no surprise, but I have seen firsthand every type of racism you can imagine. I’ve witnessed physically violent racism (only narrowly avoiding being a victim of it myself). I have experienced overt cartoonish racism, the verbal assaults you see in the news have happened to me. I have experienced more subtle insidious racism in the workplace. This must end. No human should be denied their due process; having only overzealous police officers as their judge, jury, and executioner. No one should fear for their safety because of the color of their skin. Not a single person in this country should be excluded, looked over, or shut out because they are different than those who hold power. Justice is a rising tide that lifts all ships, and I will do everything in my power to commit my voice, work, and will to seeing that we all live in a more equitable society from this day forward.

Support statements from our board members: 

~ Rich Soublet




I believe every child should have access to creative self expression in their community and education. I want to do my part to bring stories to young people that reflect who they are and the real struggles and joys of young people in our community of south San Diego.



I am passionate about giving voice to underrepresented communities and deeply value diversity, equality, and social justice. I grew up in the Southbay and constantly seek ways to give back to this community that raised me.



I am a 2nd grade teacher at Palmer Way Elementary. I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and throughout that time, I realized how valuable the arts are for my students to develop a sense of self and build communication skills. Bocón’s productions and programs speak to the community I serve and I want to see this organization grow.



Left to Right: Carlenne Lacosta, Crystal Mercado, Dawn Redo, Tony Uribe & Lucy Ortiz


I consider myself an educator, theatre lover, and passionate mother. As a true theatre lover and ex-performer, I consider myself a storyteller. I'm driven by the want and desire to make a change in people's lives and truly believe the arts are a conduit for that. I am a loud mouth, Latinx Bocona.


It was my position as Development Director for Young Audiences combined with my children's arts experiences that ignited a love for arts education and admiration of teaching artists. I have chosen to be part of Bocón because I believe the arts are not only "literacy for the heart" but also teach children that problems have more than one solution and questions can have many answers.

Monica Ahumada

Pamela Sevilla

Rich Soublet

Alejandra Enciso Dardashti

Advisory Board
Artistic Apprentices

Left to Right: Nadia Mehretab, Reanne Lacosta, Alejandra Villanueva

Hector Bravo

Ben Cassel

Karen Ann Daniels

Wendy Maples

Tony Uribe

Reanne Lacosta

Alejandra Villanueva

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