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Voices of Vision: Monica Ahumada - Shaping Futures at the Intersection of Art and Education

Welcome to another edition of "Voices of Vision," where we bring you closer to the passionate individuals steering Bocón into the future. Today, we spotlight Monica Ahumada, a dedicated kindergarten teacher at Balboa Elementary and an active board member at Bocón. Her dual role as an educator and liaison makes her uniquely positioned to merge educational needs with artistic expression.

From Classroom to Boardroom: Monica's Bocón Journey

Monica's journey with Bocón started five years ago, driven by her firsthand experiences of Bocón's transformative impact on children. "Watching Crystal work with the children was amazing. It wasn’t just about arts; it was about reaching out to every child," Monica recalls. This profound impact inspired her to join Bocón, where she could contribute more significantly by bridging the gap between the school and the organization.

Tackling Challenges with a Smile

Despite the love for her work, Monica admits that integrating arts education like Bocón's programs into Balboa Elementary’s schedule has been challenging. "It’s a work in progress," she states, but her tone suggests optimism, reflecting the board’s proactive approach to finding solutions that ensure no student misses out on the chance to dance, paint, or act their hearts out.

Witnessing Success Firsthand

One of the most fulfilling aspects of Monica's involvement has been observing her kindergartners thrive under the guidance of Bocón’s teaching artists. "The artists are such professionals and amazing with the kids. I sit back in awe at their talent," she shares. Watching her students—especially those in a tough class—open up and express themselves through the arts has been both a success story and a daily reward.

The Critical Role of Arts in Education

Monica is a staunch advocate for arts education, especially in a multicultural and diverse environment like San Diego County. "Arts education is an integral part of a child’s development. It facilitates motor skills, memory, and language skills," Monica explains. Beyond the developmental benefits, she emphasizes the safe space the arts create, allowing children to feel socially connected and confident.

Looking Ahead with Excitement

Excitement sparkles in Monica’s eyes as she talks about future projects like BRAT and the superhero project, which promise to add even more vibrancy to Bocón’s offerings. "I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us," she enthuses, highlighting her anticipation for the continued growth and innovation in Bocón’s theatre programming.

An Invitation to the Community

Monica believes more community awareness is crucial. "If the community knew more about us, they would want to be more involved," she asserts. Her personal mission is to start by informing the families at Balboa about Bocón’s impact and inviting them to witness it first-hand.

A Message from Monica

"To everyone out there, come see Bocón in action, whether it’s in our classrooms or the plays we produce. You won’t be disappointed!" Monica invites. Her message is a heartfelt reminder of the joy and transformation Bocón brings into young lives.

Join the Vision

Monica Ahumada's story is just one of the many that paint the vibrant mosaic of Bocón. Her dedication as both an educator and a board member continues to inspire and push the boundaries of what we can achieve through the arts.

Explore more about Bocón and how you can be part of this artistic journey by visiting our website. Let's continue to support and celebrate the arts together, for they are the colors we paint the future with!

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