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Spotlight on Ms. Cybele

This week, Ms. Cybele is taking over our instagram like she took over our hearts. Check out this one-on-one exclusive interview with one of the most amazing dance teachers ever! I have known Cybele since 2007 when I got my first job managing arts education programs fresh out of graduate school. What struck me the most about her as a person and her teaching style is how absolutely genuine she is. We are #Blessed that Ms. Cybele is a part of the Bocón family!

In part ONE of our interview we get personal! What does Ms. Cybele eat? What is life like during these social distanced times? What was she like as a child? What is she like as a mom? How do we talk our kids about race and racism?

In part DOS we talk about Ms. Cybele, the artist! How do you become a dance teacher? How did she get her incredibly unique dance style? What's the best part of her job? Watch all the way to the end to find out some pretty surprising things about Ms. Cybele!

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