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Make the best out of what you have, that's what artists do!

Did you know that dance is art? It is art that we create using our bodies. Sometimes we dance to perform, sometimes we dance just to feel good or have fun, sometimes we dance tell a story or express ourselves. No matter why you dance, you are practicing a very special art form. When you make movements with your body or make up your own movements, you are practicing your creativity. When you are a creative person, you can invent new things or new ways to do things. You can create ways to have fun when other people might think there is nothing to do!

In these videos you will see how my son and I were so tired of being inside of our little apartment during quarantine, we decided to go outside and do a dance warm up and play some dance games.

Join us and follow along with a little warm up, then see how many ways you can dance over, around , and under. You can use plastic containers or things from your house like we did if you like. Get creative! You can be silly and there is no wrong answer when you are making art.

Hope you have fun and remember to be creative!

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