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Keep on Dancing!

Did you know that dance is an art and a form of exercise? Dancing is a great way to stay healthy, have fun, and get creative. Why do you like to dance?

Today we have a warm up, some ways to get creative, and we will work on choreography! I hope you enjoy it!

In our warm up, we will explore AXIAL and LOCOMOTOR movements.

AXIAL movements are the moves that keep your body in one place. If you had to stay on the tape on the floor, you could still bounce or twist or wave without leaving your tape spot! What other Axial moves can you think of?

Now, let's keep getting our muscles warm by playing a freeze dance game with some locomotor movement!

Choreography means "a dance with a plan". It is not the same thing as improvisation or freestyle, where you make up your moves as you go along. There are lots of ways to make up your own plan for dance! Here, we made a very simple choreography that could be done with any type of music. We used some of our dance words to make up a little dance plan. Can you follow along? After, you should try making up your own dance choreography at home!

Alright, last but not least, let's learn the choreography that Ms.Cybele made up to a song from the Aladdin movie. Friend Like Me!

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