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Five Vibrant Years: Charting Our Journey of Growth and Artistic Impact at Bocón

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Dear Bocón Family and Friends,

Reflecting on the past five years fills me with deep pride and gratitude. Back in 2019, we started this journey with a strategic plan, developed amid the peaceful surroundings of Rosarito Beach. Since then, we've faced challenges and celebrated remarkable achievements. It's truly been a transformative time, dotted with milestones that once seemed like distant dreams.

Sustaining Growth and Ensuring Sustainability 

Our commitment to securing a stable financial foundation has been a resounding success. I'm especially proud of the milestones we've reached through strategic partnerships and sound financial management. Thanks to dedicated partnerships with San Diego Unified and the committed leadership at Balboa Elementary, we secured a three-year contract that strengthens our educational impact. Additionally, new grant opportunities have emerged, and by managing to lower our overhead costs, we've further solidified Bocón's financial health.  These efforts have established a robust platform that ensures Bocón continues to thrive and impact lives through the arts.

Significant Fundraising and Community Engagement Achievements 

The introduction of an annual fundraising campaign has been transformative, securing necessary funds and deepening our connection with you, our supporters. Our grant strategies have been meticulously refined, enabling us to narrate Bocón’s story in compelling ways that resonate deeply with funders and stakeholders., supporting diverse and impactful programs. Thanks to these efforts, we've successfully secured multiple grants from prestigious organizations, including the California Arts Council, San Diego Foundation, San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, Clare Rose Foundation, and more. These partnerships have been instrumental in supporting our diverse and impactful programs, allowing us to expand our reach and deepen our impact in the community.

Advancements in Programs and Community Involvement 

One of our proudest achievements has been the establishment of a contract with San Diego Unified, which has allowed us to integrate our programs into the educational journeys of countless students, fostering creativity and cultural awareness. This partnership has enabled us to reach over 500 students across 22 classrooms, delivering programs in three art forms: theatre, dance, and visual arts. Each classroom benefits from 20 workshops annually, staffed by 4-5 teaching artists, totaling an impressive 440 workshops every year for about a decade. Our residency programs have not only deepened but expanded significantly. We've proudly hired up to 13 artists on payroll, including 8 seasonal artists who cover our expansive summer camps. Additionally, we've collaborated with over 100 contracted artists—dancers, musicians, actors, directors, designers, and visual artists—making Bocón a vibrant hub of artistic activity and a constant source of artistic influence and education in our community. 

Strengthening Our Governance and Strategic Direction 

We have also doubled our board, adding diverse talents that bring invaluable expertise and resources. Our strategic planning sessions, particularly our regular meetings, have kept us aligned and focused on our mission, ensuring every decision is made with our community's best interests at heart. We’re actively recruiting new board members, if you or someone you know is interested please reach out!

Innovations in Marketing and Outreach  Our online presence has been revitalized, reaching more community members than ever before, our website traffic is up by 21%, and our email newsletter recipients has grown to just over 600 subscribers receiving regular email updates from me and the team. We've featured artist takeovers on Instagram and have introduced members of our board and various teaching artists on our Big Mouth Blog. Promotional efforts have effectively spread the word about our impact, attracting new supporters and expanding our influence.

Looking Forward  As we celebrate these past achievements, our eyes and hearts are set on the future. We’re excited to unveil new initiatives that promise to enrich our community further. This November, we will introduce a new play workshop and reading, setting the stage for two new productions in the 2024/2025 season. These upcoming events follow the coattails of our incredibly successful BRAT tour, which not only captivated audiences but also set a high standard for what we aspire to achieve in the coming years. We are committed to deepening our community engagement and continuing to champion excellence in arts education, ensuring that Bocón remains at the forefront of artistic innovation and cultural enrichment. 

Thank you for being part of this journey, for your unwavering support, and for believing in the power of arts to transform lives. Here’s to more years of success, growth, and artistic exploration!

With heartfelt thanks,

Crystal Mercado Rosure

Artistic Director, Bocón

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