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Dance with a prop!

Sometimes people use props to enhance their dancing! You may have seen dance performances where the dancers used a hat or a stick or even an umbrella as part of their dance. Have you seen anyone dance with another kind of prop? Today we will explore with a scarf, ribbon, or piece of fabric. If you can find a nice fabric to use as a prop, that is awesome! If not, you can still follow along with the dancing!

First let's warm up!

Now, get your scarf or piece of fabric and let's play a little freeze dance to see how many ways we can move our prop. If you can't find one, that's fine! Dance along with us and explore different ways to use your body!

First, watch this video with the instructions!

Time to play! You can watch their ideas and make their own

Now, I have a choreography to teach you. If you have a scarf or bandana, you can use it in the second half of the dance. This is a choreography to the song, Let it Grow, from the movie the Lorax. Think of yourself growing from a seed to a tree or a flower!

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