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Empowering Youth Through the Arts

Bocón is a community arts organization dedicated to providing inclusive and accessible arts education and multicultural theater programs for youth. From captivating performances to innovative workshops, we're committed to fostering creativity, building confidence, and nurturing the next generation of artists and leaders.

who we ARE  

Image by Emily Webster

What we do

We serve the community in two ways:


Arts Education

At Bocón, our educational workshops are where creativity comes alive. Led by expert teaching artists, we offer hands-on experiences that ignite imagination, collaboration, and critical thinking. From acting fundamentals to puppetry and musical exploration, we create an inclusive environment where students unlock their potential through the power of the arts.


Theatre For Youth Productions

Step into the world of live theatre with us at Bocón. Our dynamic productions and interactive play development readings invite you on unforgettable journeys of adventure and inspiration. With our talented professional performers and seasoned creative artists, we celebrate creativity, empathy, and the joy of storytelling onstage.

Bocón is a 501(c)(3) organization, a nonprofit organization supported by


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Do you have a passion for the arts and education? Do you want to serve your community at a deeper level? Are you in touch with a community we should know better? 


Make a Donation

Your contributions help us create theatre that gives a voice to our community. Your contributions help make ensure that children in south bay San Diego learn the artistic tools to express themselves creatively. Your contributions help ensure that our staff is valued for the work they do.

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