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Voices of Vision: Inside Bocón's Journey with Marisol Sanchez Best

Updated: Mar 25

Welcome to 'Voices of Vision,' our new blog series where we chat with the people leading Bocón. Get to know our board members, their passions, and the ideas they bring to keep us moving forward. It’s a peek behind the curtain into the minds shaping our future.

In the heart of every thriving community lies a beacon of creativity and culture. At Bocón, that beacon shines brightly, thanks to the vision and dedication of individuals like Marisol Sanchez Best, our Board President. With a legacy rooted in advocacy and a heart filled with passion for the arts, Marisol offers an unparalleled perspective on the journey and aspirations of Bocón.

Championing Change Through the Arts

From her early days as Associate Director of Education at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego to her significant role as the Director of Education and Community Engagement at Seatle Theatre Group in the Pacific Northwest, Marisol's life is a testament to the transformative power of the arts. Her leadership in the largest performing arts center consortium and her national recognition by the Broadway League underline a career dedicated to enriching communities through cultural engagement.

Marisol reflects, "My only wish would have been to have encountered an arts organization like Bocón at a young age. Having an organization where stories reflect the communities served, matters."

Envisioning the Future of Bocón

Marisol sees Bocón as a "staple name in the community," a haven where individuals come for creative expression. It's about being for the people, by the people. But the road is not without its hurdles. Funding remains a constant challenge, yet Marisol and the board remain undeterred, seeking sustainable paths to empower Bocón's mission and ensure its longevity.

One cannot overlook the recent successes that have marked Bocón's journey under the board's stewardship. Marisol's pride in the organization's resilience and ability to nurture local and national talent is palpable. She shares, "I am in awe of the tenacity of the organization to not shy away when new projects or challenges arise."

The Essence of Arts Education

For Marisol, arts education is not just important; it's essential, especially in a multicultural hub like San Diego County. The arts serve as a welcoming force, capable of changing lives and fostering inclusivity. "We need to focus and invest in empowering our future generations. Their voices are strong, and we have to develop future Bocones!" Marisol emphasizes.

A Call to Action

Looking ahead, Marisol underscores the need for growth, particularly in areas like legal, marketing, and fundraising. The community's involvement is crucial—through donations, volunteering, and networking, everyone can play a part in bolstering Bocón's mission.

Marisol's message to the Bocón community is one of gratitude and encouragement: "Thank you for believing in Bocón. If you know someone who can help us grow financially or if anyone has a lead, please, don’t hesitate to reach out!"

Join the Vision

Marisol Sanchez Best's journey with Bocón reflects a profound commitment to arts, education, and community engagement. Her vision for the organization is not just about sustaining a legacy, but building a future where every voice finds its melody, and every story is heard.

To learn more about Bocón and how you can support its mission, visit Bocón's website. Let's be part of a movement that champions cultural expression and community empowerment. Together, we can ensure that Bocón's light continues to shine brightly for generations to come.

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