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Capturing Creativity: How Photographer Rich Soublet Shapes the Future of Bocón

Updated: Jun 13

Welcome to our latest entry in the "Voices of Vision" series, where we dive into the lives and passions of the board members who help steer Bocón towards a brighter future. Today, we introduce you to Richard Soublet—a self-described "board multitool" whose zest and multifaceted contributions make him an invaluable asset to our community.

Meet Rich Soublet: The Board's Multitool

Richard's journey with Bocón began at the behest of a friend and quickly blossomed into a vital partnership fueled by his commitment to the arts. "Crystal asked, and honestly, that was enough. My friends leading arts organizations will always have my support," Richard shares with a smile. His background is as colorful as it is impactful, bringing a blend of high-level local arts, business connections, and a keen photographer’s eye to the table, enriching Bocón’s events and capturing moments of magic.

A Vision of Accessibility and Expression

For Rich, the essence of Bocón lies in its commitment to making arts education accessible during pivotal stages of childhood development. He eloquently paints a picture of Bocón's dual role in the community: "It’s a practical place for kids to unleash their creativity and a sanctuary where they learn to express themselves." This freedom, Rich believes, cultivates expressive, present community members who contribute to a stronger, more connected society.

Navigating Challenges with Creativity and Commitment

When asked about the hurdles Bocón faces, Rich points to the perennial issues of funding, time, and artist availability. "We're always on the lookout for opportunities to secure funding," he explains. His philosophy of celebrating every little success—from event attendance to merchandise sales—highlights his optimistic, every-bit-helps attitude towards Bocón's progress.

The Transformative Power of Arts Education

Reflecting on why arts education is crucial, especially in a diverse landscape like San Diego County, Rich reiterates his earlier points: "Arts education doesn't just fill a child with knowledge; it gives them tools for emotional and observational intelligence." These tools, he insists, are indispensable in today's world, making Bocón's mission all the more critical.

Looking Forward: Ambitions for the Future

Looking ahead, Richard is excited about amplifying local artistic voices and enhancing access to the arts. "We want to make sure that everyone, regardless of their background, has the chance to be heard and to express themselves through art," he states, underscoring his commitment to expanding Bocón’s reach and impact.

How to Support Bocón: Every Dollar Counts

Rich is candid about the best way for the community to support Bocón: financial contributions. "Seriously, every dollar helps. You don’t have to be Rich to make a difference," he asserts, encouraging everyone to see the value in even the smallest donations.

A Personal Note from Mr. Soublet Himself

The most rewarding part of his role? "It’s definitely watching our teaching artists in action and seeing the light in the kids’ eyes," Rich reflects. His parting message to the Bocón community emphasizes the importance of supporting the arts, particularly in a world that often prioritizes more traditional careers over creative pursuits. "Bocón makes arts accessible, removing barriers and making engagement more feasible for our communities. That’s something truly worth supporting."

Richard’s passion and multifaceted contributions reflect the very essence of what makes Bocón special. His perspective not only highlights the importance of arts education but also the community’s critical role in sustaining these efforts.

Join Us in Supporting the Arts

To learn more about how you can help or to catch a glimpse of Rich’s incredible photography at our next event, visit Bocón’s website. Let’s continue to break down barriers together and build a community where everyone can appreciate and engage in the arts.

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