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Bocón Visual Arts @Home!

Hello, artists and families! My name is Mr. Leo. I’ve taught Visual Arts at Balboa for a couple years. That picture above? A left-handed scribble sketch I did (I’m right-handed), dedicated to two of the elements of Hip Hop. Can you identify what these two are doing?

This is where I’ll be posting videos of arts activities you can do @home, a sampling of the creative fun I have with teachers and students at Balboa Elementary. There will be something different cool for you to do with each new blog post.

Ready to get making? Let’s make an Origami Fortune Teller!

To finish, open the fortune teller, pull up the flaps in the middle, and number the sections underneath 1-8. Close the fortune teller up, returning it to its open- and close-able form and have a partner spell their name. Close and open the fortune teller for each letter of their name, then have them select a triangle flap to pull up. Depending on the number underneath, ask your partner to share something that makes them feel..

  1. 😊 Thankful

  2. 🤔 Confused

  3. ❤️ Loved

  4. 😟 Sad or worried

  5. 😎 Confident

  6. 🍎 Healthy

  7. 😇 Calm

  8. 🤓 Focused

Take turns and have fun sharing!

-Mr. Leo (4/24/2020)

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